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We Bought A House! First Time Buyers | So it Begins...


After 3 or 4 years of saving, at the beginning of 2019, Jason and I put an offer in on a quaint, 1890's cottage and it was accepted! 6 months later, we finally had the keys in our hands and could call it home.

The whole process was crazy, the learning curve of getting on the property ladder was pretty intense - the constant fear it would fall through, the endless delays and reams of paperwork (none of which we understood) left us exhausted and pretty much on edge for the whole first half of 2019. Ultimately, we knew how rewarding it would be to finally own our own home and we knew this experience was about to change our lives for the better.

Getting here wasn't easy, we had to work bloody hard to get our money together to put a deposit down, every penny of it was saved by us, no handouts or freebies along the way, just a lot of sacrifice and a lot of saving! I honestly wouldn't have it any other way though, it such an amazing feeling sitting in our own home knowing we got here through so much hard work and determination. I guess that's why we also always had our heart set on finding a 'fixer-uper' or somewhere that needed a lot of love and attention. We were ready to completely start from scratch and personalise every inch of the space, with our ideas and our own projects. A new build was never going to be of interest for us, so when we saw our little cottage pop up on Right Move on Jason's birthday morning, we knew it had to be fate!

We went to see the house a couple of days later and fell in love completely. It's so funny how these things go, we didn't feel prepared at all and everyone says you could be looking for months until you find the right thing. Even with these doubts, we just knew we had to go with our gut on this one.

However, to do the sensible thing, we did make sure we viewed about another 5 houses in our price range over the following week, just in case. We walked out of every other property and without meaning to, we compared every element to the first home we looked at, or 'our cottage' as we started to call it! We just knew that it was everything we were looking for, it needed a lot of work but we could see past that, and only ever thought about how amazing it could become. Location wise, it was ideal. It was a short walk to the train station so perfect for Jason's commute to London but also an easy drive for me to get to work and back to my parents too. So, we put our offer in, haggled a bit, agreed on a price and the rest was bloody history!

There have been so many ups and downs along the way but I feel like we've learnt so much already, maybe I'm finally starting to feel like a proper adult now?! Maybe not. But it's pretty cool being a homeowner all the same. We have SO much to do renovation wise on this place. I'm planning on documenting everything, mainly for our own memories but also I hope my many woes and celebrations along the way could be helpful for any other naive first time buyers about to undertake the same thing!

I've got so many ideas for DIY projects to take on (which is this blogs ultimate focus after all) as well as documenting our progress and perhaps even sharing my thoughts on the things people actually don't talk about when you're buying a house (why does no one tell you how much money you actually need?!). So, I'm hoping to put a bit more effort into my little space on the internet over the coming months. I'm so nosy when it comes to home renovation, I could scroll through before and afters on blogs for hours - so hopefully I can add to the mix!

I'll share more details of our property itself, our renovation plans and developments from the first month in my next post. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram where I'm sharing the progress on my stories!

Katie x

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