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June Update - Moving House | Putting Etsy on Hold | Personal Projects

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It's been such a busy few months, I can't believe we are already half way through June! All creativity has been put on hold in my life recently, after a slow start to the year, all of a sudden there were so many other things to worry about instead of painting and making.

One thing that really took over recently was moving house. Jason and I made the decision to move back to my parents for the summer (and let's be real- potentially beyond that too!) to mega save for a deposit for our first home together.

We have lived together for nearly 6 years in privately rented accommodation and although we loved the location of our home (the flexibly and ease of living in the middle of town was a dream), we knew that to move forward with our saving goals, it would be so much easier to be out of the renting system. We have already been saving away for the past few years so just a few months at home could change our situation so quickly. Ultimately, we know we are very lucky to have the option of moving back to my parents whilst we save. Jason had said to me multiple times this year would be about sacrifice but of course, all of our hard work will pay off eventually. So it is all positive change!

My goals to relaunch my Etsy shop for summer have been pushed back somewhat due to everything that has been going on so far this year, which I actually feel okay about. I knew my new working schedule and having less time for my art would knock me back a bit, but it's all about readjusting and renegotiating my time. I haven't given up on any of my personal projects at all, I'm just giving myself some time to figure it all out at the moment.

I'm just about to start painting another welcome board for my friend's wedding, which will great to push me back into painting- I feel like I haven't done any in so long! Amongst smaller commissions, baby mobiles and the odd creative project here and there, I'm plodding along just fine!

Now that I'm settled, I'm really looking forward to long summer evenings, painting away in bright rooms with countryside views. Our last house was always so dark, it got pretty depressing! It will be great to know I can get in from work and get a good few hours of painting done each evening if I choose to.

So here are a few mini goals I'm setting for the next few months:

  • Regularly update my blog and Instagram with projects I'm working on, the re-launch of my Etsy shop and any new DIY projects!
  • Upload some new DIY tutorials, bullet journal and painting videos to my Youtube channel
  • Re-launch my Etsy shop, with paintings, prints and cards
  • Stay inspired and make time for the things I'm passionate about! 
Are you setting any goals for the warmer months? Let me know!

Katie x
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