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DIY | Felt Poison Apple Halloween Tutorial

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It's that time of year again! Pumpkins at the ready, it's nearly Halloween! Oohhhh! I'm really excited about the DIY tutorial I've made this year, it's based on one of my favourite Disney films, Snow White. I've wanted to make a poison apple since last year, originally I wanted to do it in clay but I was a bit pushed for time (clay projects take a couple of days due to drying time) so decided to do it in felt. I'm actually so pleased I did it as a sewing project because I think it came out great. I wanted to make a decoration that could be hung on a door handle or hung amongst other decorations. I think it would be perfect for any Halloween party!

Watch the video below:

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Happy Halloween folks! Let me know if you take on any crafty projects this weekend and make sure you pop over to my instagram (@katiekdiy) to say hello!

Katie x


Bullet Journal | October Set Up & Time Lapse Video


It's finally October and I had been looking forward this month to setting up my bullet journal based around all things autumn. October may just be my favourite month of the year. I always think of myself as more of an autumn/winter person, so when the temperate drops and the layers can come out, I'm in my element. In terms of inspiration, the colours of autumn are ideal to refresh ideas and relight some creativity. I also LOVE halloween, I've never been one for scary films, guts and gore but I'm one of those cop outs who love decorating with pumpkins and dressing up for a party. The past few years have always been so fun, it means by the time October roles around I can't wait for the celebrations to begin!

I really enjoyed setting up my journal this month, however, I timed it very badly. My only opportunity to get it done before October 1st was a late Saturday afternoon, where I desperately set up my questionable lighting situation (I'm sure it used to be light at 4pm...) and rushed to film my set up video. Surprisingly, I'm quite happy with the outcome, although I did make a few silly mistakes in my state of panic; getting ready with half an hour spare is NOT my style. The most obvious flaw would be my brain fart of leaving the 'T' out of October. How I managed that, I have no idea. I didn't even notice this until a later date when I started to fill out my monthly plans, only to wonder why October looked so strange to me. Quick to rectify, it wasn't the worst thing that would happen to me that week, that's for sure.

I also ran short of time so decided to leave my weekly spreads until a few days later. These, however, haven't changed since last month, so you can always watch my September video if you're looking for some simple ideas for these. Speaking of last month, I didn't write a blog post about September's bullet journal set up, strangely, I did make a video though so I will link it below if an arty time lapse is your kinda thing.

So there we go, all ready for autumn! Im trying to post new, autumnal themed work on my Instagram at the moment so pop over there and say hello if you haven't before. It's --> @katiekdiy

Are you a fellow fan of this time of year? Let me know!

Katie x

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