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Hand Painted Floral Wedding Welcome Board | Handmade Wedding Touches

Above photograph by Sung Blue

There is something very special about being asked to have your artwork included in someone's wedding. Every detail of a bride's day is so meticulously thought out and so be asked to create a painting for that day, is very touching as well as quite daunting! The pressure is on to make something beautiful! Thankfully, I love working on canvas and painting anything floral! My dear friend Sophie's wedding took place at the weekend and a few months ago, she asked me to create a hand painted welcome board for the entrance of her venue. She was incredibly laid back and open to any ideas I had, which made it a very fun and relaxed project from the word go!

I have previously painted similar welcome boards so I was excited to start planning a new canvas and play with some new ideas. I mostly prefer working on a larger scale and have always found details, lettering and general composition easier to work with sized up. This year, I have spent so much time trying to improve my ability and confidence working with smaller pieces and experimenting with different mediums such as watercolour, so it felt great to be able to start a project in complete contrast to those. 

 One of my favourite parts of the painting is the banner displaying the wedding date. I really enjoyed hand painting the lettering with a fine brush, it inspired me to start practising with this technique in my sketchbook and I intend to incorporate it in more of my work going forward.

The painting is on a 60x80cm canvas, which I painted with acrylic paint.

If you like the style of my work and would like to include it in your wedding decor/stationery or anything else, please get in contact! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @katiekdiy for regular updates on what I'm currently working on.

Katie x

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