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Over the past few years, my love for all things botanical has grown some what. When we moved from an upstairs flat to our current home with its little courtyard garden, we started to build a collection of potted plants. We grew things from seeds such as tomato plants (which are now huge!) and collected new shrubs to fill our home and garden every time we popped to the market at the weekend. It is not only rewarding but makes your home look so pretty and colourful! 

I've been wanting to decorate some pots for a little while now to add some variety to the array of terracotta that we have accumulated over time. (Watch the tutorial video for these designs below) 

This was a really fun project which is very simple but allows you to get very creative! Choose colours and designs that match your decor or go as colourful and loud as you like! I wanted to show 3 easy ways of doing this taking inspiration from different styles. Watch the video to learn the process and make sure you read to the bottom of this post for my extra tips and advice! 

My first idea was inspired by the many Scandi style prints and colours that are so popular at the moment. I love the combination of the light blue in contrast with the black lines. You could do the same style but with pastel pink, peach or mint green and make a little matching set. 

The next design was inspired by all things kawaii, I liked the idea that with a leafy green plant in this pot it mimics the colours of watermelon! I think the ombré fade is really effective and again could be recreated with different colour combinations.

My final design was inspired by all things 90's...Think Saved By The Bell! If you look at any kind of 90s print, they are mainly made up of lots of small shapes and squiggles and I think they look really effective against the white background.

Tips and advice
  • To avoid the pots weathering, it is best to keep them indoors. So fill them with your favourite house plants! I think the small Scandi style design would look great as a set of 3 in a bathroom.
  • Make sure to do a least 2 coats of paint for each layer. Terracotta planters will need the build up of paint to avoid the stark orangey tones coming through.
  • A varnish will help the durability of the paint over time and will avoid it flaking. I used trusty Mod Podge but if you use something a bit more heavy duty, it would allow you to put the pots inside or out without any worries. 
  • Make sure to paint and varnish the inside rim of the pots. This will give an overall neater and more professional look once a plant is potted. 
I really enjoyed decorating these pots and I will definitely be making more in the future! Let me know if you try any of these, I would love to see your recreations!

Katie x
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1 comment

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