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DIY | Kawaii Doughnut Trinket Dish & Video Tutorial

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I seem to never have enough trinket dishes in my home. I'm always looking for pots and trays to gather my art supplies, jewellery and generally just clutter that has accumulated in various places. A perfect way to tidy a messy desk! 

I knew I wanted to undertake a new project using clay as I hadn't worked with in quite some time so this seemed like a perfect opportunity. Making this dish, however slightly time consuming, was very simple. It doesn't require a huge amount of skill so would be great for beginners or as a fun project to do with children. You just need a bit of patience due to drying time! This is something you will have to make over a few days. I've found mine so useful and the fact that it is very cute and kawaii makes it even better! (find the video tutorial below)

Tips and Tricks

I used air-dry clay for this project but polymer would work as well. The issue with polymer clay is that it has to be oven baked so keep that in mind if you are forming the shape using a bowl. Air-dry clay is very easy to use but can dry out quickly. Be sure to have a bowl of water near to keep the surface supple. 

If you build up the coats of paint, the overall colour will look far better and more opaque. I know this might sound obvious but it is definitely worth the additional drying time between coats as the final look will be far more professional.

I would recommend varnishing your final piece, I used Mod Podge as it is perfect for a project like this. It will add to the durability as well as protecting your painting surface from scratches and making it very easy to clean.

Let me know if you try this project, I would love to see pictures of your recreations! 

Katie x
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1 comment

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