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Bullet Journal August Set Up & Time Lapse Video

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The time has rolled around again to set up for another new month. This past week I have been really looking forward to getting myself organised for August, honestly I don't know what happened to me in July but all sense of organisation seemed to go out of the window. Mainly in the last few weeks, I just felt a little all over the place. There is so much going on in my head at the moment and for some reason, I'm getting so little down on paper. So this months great achievements include going into work and working for half a day before realising it was my day off and participating in some pretty dodgy (lack of) budgeting. #fail 

I'm feeling far more optimistic about August, I'm going to set myself some solid goals and really commit to achieving them. I did manage to tick off one painting project in the past week that had been weighing heavy on me for a little while. So finally having that completed gives me time and energy to put into new projects. 

I have 2 new DIY tutorials going up this month that I'm excited about (so look out for those!) and I have new commissions to get started on, as well as building up new stock for my Etsy shop. 

My August Monthly Spread 

One thing I was really inspired by in July was a long weekend away I had by the seaside. It was a really fun and relaxing few days away and made me think about how much I love the colours and traditions of a British seaside town. So, I decided to make my August set up based on the seaside! I really enjoyed making this one (watch the time lapse below) it made a nice break from florals! 

I also enjoyed experimenting further with watercolour in my monthly layout. I love the blue and pink colour bleeds inspired by good old seaside rock. I definitely want to incorporate more of this in the future.  

Have you set your goals for August? What are you hoping to achieve this month?

Katie x
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