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Craft Sale! Selling My Kawaii Felt Plushies

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I've talked previously on here about changing the direction of my Etsy shop and the new goals I'm working towards with my art and crafts. I love sewing, working with felt was a hugely important part of building my creative confidence again and it's not something I ever want to stop doing. However, I have realised going forward, I want to streamline my ideas and work towards selling more of my paintings and handmade zipper pouches. I'm working with fabric in different ways now, I'm enjoying experimenting with painting and dying it as well as still including elements of embroidery and kawaii style.

So, to make room for my new pieces, I have decided to sell some of my favourite felt crafts on my depop for crazy prices. I was just looking at them, sitting in a basket in my shelves and thought, these could go to new homes where they could be loved instead of hiding away in my office. So there we go, all my plushies, which I will no longer be making to sell are now listed on my depop. I will keep going through my stock and adding new items to my shop, so keep popping back if you are interested.

My depop user is ----> @kateskaanott

Grab yourself a handmade bargain!

Katie x
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