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Bullet Journal Set Up | June 2017 & Time lapse Video

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It's June already, can you believe it?! June is set to be an exciting month, it not only is the official start of summer but I'm also going away for one of my girl gang's hen do's! How exciting! I'm hoping it will also be filled with lots of creative productivity, lots of painting and crafting and a few new tutorials to be made as well. And if all goes to plan, this blog will have completed its makeover and be ready for its next chapter.

There is something so positive about the start of a new month, having a bullet journal is such a nice way to celebrate it. I love sitting with my monthly spread in front of me, ready to fill the little squares with plans and schedules, nothing feels better than a good old bit of organisation.

Goal setting is also a really important thing for me to establish at the beginning of a month. I like to set in place objectives to work towards and even if I don't get them all completed, it is very satisfying to look back and know what you are working towards.

This month, I used acrylic to paint my opening June page and painted strawberries, to celebrate the ones that have started growing again in the garden. You know you're getting old when you get excited that your strawberry plant has grown tiny fruits again but alas, this is me! Now the sun has been shining our whole garden has come alive, flowers have shot up from our succulents (who knew that would happen?!) and all our plants are looking greener than ever. Fabulous!

I used my new Tombow brush pen to write my June title, I don't think I've quite got the hang of it yet as I thought it looked too thick and I inevitably painted over it and started again. I have been practising in my sketchbook though, so hopefully it will become a welcome addition to my journalling stationery. This month, I also reintroduced stickers to my journal to add a nice bit of sparkle to my monthly spread. I really love seeing journals that have a scrapbook feel to them, so maybe this is something I will incorporate more in the future.

I write in my journal with a Staedtler fine liner, for colour I use Crayola Supertips and the washi tape I used this month was part of a set from Primark.

What are your favourite pens to use for your journal? 

Watch my time-lapse video below to see my set up for June:

Katie x
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