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Crisis of Creative Confidence

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I've had one of those days in which nothing I have made has progressed the way I saw it in my mind. Basically, it all looks pretty crap. The problem with these 'off' days is the knock it takes to your confidence. Now, confidence in my work has always been something I have struggled with but this doubt has always been (kind of) balanced out my ambition and will to keep pushing forward. However, some days, the doubt wins.

I sit in my office surrounded by half finished paintings, sad scraps of fabric tested on and then tossed aside and an open journal with my goals page staring directly at me. It's mocking me I swear. And the unused blobs of paint squished on my palette are making me feel very guilty (that shit ain't cheap). Time feels so precious at the moment so each hour that I haven't produced something that give me hope for my artistic future, petrifies me.

So, how are we supposed to combat these days and these feelings? Ideally, I would hide under a blanket and watch Game of Thrones theory videos on Youtube to try to preoccupy my mind but as tempting as it is, it won't make my work any better. I think the best thing to do is step away from any pieces that are stressing me out and start something new, no pressure but just to keep creating. I opened my sketchbook and scribbled down some ideas. I also decided that maybe my main focus today would be to edit my up coming bullet journal video for June. Maybe I just need to change my direction a bit and be creative in other ways. The day doesn't have to be a complete right off then.

My plans for the day may not have worked out the way I wanted but at least I have produced something. A slight shift of focus definitely feels like the way forward.

Failing that, I could always just do the housework I have been putting off all day.

What are your tips for staying motivated on rubbish days? Am I the only one who gets like this?! Let me know!

Katie x
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