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DIY | Jigglypuff Headphone Holder Keyring VIDEO TUTORIAL

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Yes, I am one of the many grown ups who have been swept up in the Pokemon Go craze. The only reason I have started walking more places is to hatch eggs and when I can't sleep at night, I don't count sheep; I catch Pokemon. You may call it sad but I don't care. I have all three evolutions of Eevee and a Hitmonchan for God's sake! I know I'm winning.

All jokes aside, the majority of Pokemon are insanely cute and whether you want to admit it or not, I know you want one on your keyring. I've put together a DIY tutorial for a Jigglypuff keyring and I've even designed it to be practical, she will carry your headphones (earphones) around for you too. Awhhh :)

For this craft you will need:

  • Pink, black, blue and white felt
  • Pink and black embroidery thread
  • Ribbon
  • A glue gun
  • A lobster clasp
  • Split rings or jump rings
  • A button 

Watch the video to learn the process!

A Few Extra Tips:

For the shapes, draw around household objects
This might sound a little self explanatory so I'm sorry if that's the case, however if you are stuck how to get a perfect circle for your Jigglypuff, draw around a jar lid like I did in the video. For the smaller circles you can also draw around anything from a lipstick lid to a glue stick, use what you have and it makes it a lot easier!

Use thick, good quality felt
Because this item is going to attach to your bag or your keys, you need the fabric you are using to withhold the the wear and tear. I would suggest using a good quality or thick felt for this as otherwise you risk it ripping near the button hole. 

Glue gun or sew?
A glue gun in craft projects probably cuts your making time by half, honestly they are so useful to have! However, if you want a more professional finish, try wip stitching around the features.

Learn basic stitches
So, I'm aware in a 5 minute video your not going to learn how to do specific stitches that easily, you probably need to have the basics knowledge in that already. I am planning on doing a very simple video/blog post showing and explaining how to use the basic stitches so once you have that covered, you can go on to do anything! Once that is up, I will post it here :)

Happy sewing!

Much love,

Katie x

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1 comment

  1. This is so cute! Great tutorial.
    I love being able to make things that are functional as well as look adorable!