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Wedding Embroidery Hoop and A Mini Update

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Life has been a bit on the busy side lately but I'm feeling really inspired and motivated at the moment! I'm planning on making lots of new content here on my blog and on my Youtube channel over the summer. I've got loads of really fun DIY ideas lined up so make sure to look out for those! I'm so pleased to see that people are still viewing my tutorials and finding my content useful, it makes me so motivated to keep making them! My Youtube channel has recently hit over 45,000 views, which is incredible! I've got big plans to keep improving my little space on the internet so thank you for staying on board! <3

I'm also currently working away to redesign my Etsy shop and give it a complete revamp for the summer! I have a shop update coming soon including some new bits I've been working on recently. It's going to be a busy summer full of craft fares and shop updates but I'm really excited to get going! There is a lot of change brewing in my life at the moment but I know for sure that it's all positive and moving me forward, hopefully in the right direction! I'm actually starting to feel excited about where the rest of the year can take me.

Yey for crafting!

Wedding Embroidery Hoop 

I thought I would post a few photos of one of the latest gifts I had been working on. It was so lovely to make a keep sake to commemorate someone's wedding day, it's such a huge moment and I was so pleased that the happy couple liked it! I think embroidery hoops work so well for gifts as they can be be personalised and they can be displayed a number of ways. I love the idea of it being hung in someone's home and always reminding them of a wonderful occasion.

I used a combination of back stitch, split stitch and satin stitch in a 8" hoop.

Much love,

Katie x

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