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Felt Sewing Update #1

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A little while ago, I posted a polymer clay update with a few of the things I had made lately. I sew a lot more than I work with clay so it was a little harder putting this post together because I have made so many things! I have selected a few of my favourite felt projects to show you guys a little slice of my current collection, what sort of things I've been selling on my stall and potentially what is going into my Etsy shop in the future.

I hope you like my first felt update, let me know if this is the sort of thing you would like to see more of in the future or if there is anything you would like to see a tutorial on!

These Adventure Time keyrings are now available on my Etsy shop!
Felt ice cream brooches 

Felt ghost keyrings - watch my ghost plushie tutorial here
Mini felt cloud plushies - watch my tutorial here
Felt unicorn plushies
Felt strawberries

What is your favourite felt craft to make?

Much love,

Katie x


Why I love Autumn & New Inspiration

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A new season always brings new creative inspiration, right? Yes, I'll admit I can get into some serious slumps with my work and easily lose momentum but there is nothing like a new season, new themes and inspirations to get me going again. With everything getting a bit colder and the mornings becoming that little bit harder to face, I thought I would try to remind myself why this is one of my favourite times of the year.

Okay, so it's a little obvious to start by talking about Halloween but it is honestly one of my favourite events and not only because it signifies that Christmas is just around the corner! I suppose my reasoning has changed as I've grown older, it's no longer about the thrill of getting dressed up and doing crazy makeup for a big night out (although these days are not quite past me yet!) but it's much more about the cute decorations I can make for my stall and Etsy shop! I think as any kind of artist, you need to have moments to pick you up and make you excited about making your work again. I have been glued to Pinterest filling up my Halloween board with cute ideas to gain some well needed inspiration and I am now in a place in which I can't wait to get making my own collection. In fact, I've started already!

Autumn is one of those times in which we actually stop and look at nature and really appreciate how amazing it is. Yeah, I know it sounds a bit deep but you can't think about autumn without picturing the warm colours, the browns and oranges of the changing leaves and I love that. Everything becomes a little bit magical. I have a new DIY video that I'm hoping to get finished this week based on these ideas and I'm really excited about it. See? I'm excited about my work again, yey!

Creatively, the last month for me was a bit of a struggle and so I'm really looking forward to throwing myself into some new projects and then before you know it, it will be Christmas!

So there you go, give me a cold autumnal morning over a sweaty summer one any day! What has inspired you so far this autumn? Do you have any seasonal crafts your looking forward to trying? Let me know!

Much love,

Katie x
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