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Cambridge Craft Parties Floral Crown Workshop

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If you had asked me a year ago if I would get on a train and spend an evening with people I didn't know, the sure answer would have been no. However, a little while ago, I started speaking to the lovely Claire over twitter and she kindly invited me to one of the workshops she runs. After reassuring myself she was a real person and wasn't catfishing me (I'm paranoid okay!), I took myself out of my comfort zone and off I went!

I met Claire at the station and we jumped in a taxi to set up at the venue, Rhode Island. It was a gorgeous little place, decorated with Polaroid photos and art work. It even doubled up as a gallery and had a photography exhibition on at the time, which made the space feeling really creative and arty. The food and drink was yummy and reasonably priced, I personally didn't get a milkshake but I was told they were delicious.

Once everything was set up and everyone had arrived (there was about 8 of us in total), Claire talked us through the steps, the different types of floral crown we could make and then we got going! I decided to make mine with lots of small pink flowers and make it really bright and girly. It was funny how everybody made such different crowns, it was so lovely how each craft was unique to that person and it reflected their personality.

Overall, the whole evening was really chilled and a brilliant opportunity to meet other people with similar interests. It was so nice to chat to other bloggers and crafters and talk openly about my interests without worrying I was boring people!

I think what Claire achieved brilliantly was that the crafts were simple enough that anybody could have made something wonderful, whether you were naturally creative or not. Claire was always ready to give a helping hand or advice if there was something you couldn't quite get to work.

I would completely recommend the Cambridge Craft Parties to anybody who wants a relaxed evening, an opportunity to learn something new and have a good giggle at the same time. I imagine it would be a great idea for a birthday or celebration with your friends. Claire also gives each person a goody bag of bits and pieces from her shop, which was such a kind and generous idea.

Check out Claire's video below to see for yourself!

Much love

Katie x
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