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Hen Party Painting/Message Board Canvas

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I was recently asked to make a message board by my friend Hollie for a hen party she was organising. The theme was based around a tea party and all that Hollie had asked was that there was space for guests to write messages and that it could be kept as a keepsake. The rest was up to me!

I decided to do a painting on a canvas so that it would be light and could be easily hung and moved around if need be. I wanted to keep the painting simple but colourful. The most important part would be the messages that Amanda's friends would be writing so I didn't want to distract from that. I painted the piece using acrylics, which I haven't used in ages so I felt very cautious from the off set! It is also the first painting I've done in a while that people were going to see so I was quite nervous about getting it right. Because of this, it took me twice the time to do than I think I actually needed. Knowing that it was being given as a gift to someone I didn't know and on such a special day made me so nervous, I wanted it to be perfect! Anyway, I'm really pleased with the outcome and it felt really good to do some painting again.

To hang the messages, I strung a piece of twine with mini pegs to clip on the messages. I originally was going to do it as a string of bunting but I liked the idea of incorporating the tea party theme in the messages so I went for tea cups instead. The idea was that guests could write on their tea cup and then pin it to the board. I actually think this idea is really sweet and Hollie said it went down well at the party so...hooray!

I really enjoyed making this painting/message board and hopefully I will get to work on more hen party bits in the future as it is really fun! It has definitely inspired me to do some more painting this summer so I'm going to make sure I put aside some time for it.

Much love,

Katie x

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1 comment

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