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Berlin - Day 3: Museum Island, Hackescher Markt, KW Institute for Contemporary Art

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I've been such a busy lady recently, it's taken me bloody ages to get my Berlin posts finished. Here we go, the last day. It was a busy day of tourtisty adventures. We explored museum Island, gorgeous markets, art galleries and had a final wonder around. 

Museum Island

Museum Island might have been one of my favourite areas of Berlin. It is so beautiful everywhere you walk, the buildings are absolutely stunning. Also, it had a really nice chilled atmosphere, buskers playing music on every corner, lots of chilled cafes and spots to sit by the river. 

There is lots of art in this area as well, which I particularly loved. We found a road filled with quaint little stalls, which sold paintings, prints and handmade trinkets. If you visit this area, you must check out the Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery. The building in itself is an incredible space. It has huge glass windows, which over look the museums below. I also really enjoyed seeing the art, it felt varied and for a free gallery, it is definitely worth giving it a visit.

Hackescher Markt

We saw the Hackescher market from the train window on one of our journeys and knew we wanted to check it out. It seemed like such a vibrant and exciting place, full of colour, food, flowers and handmade crafts. It was so lovely to walk around and see all the stalls, it made me feel very inspired!

I was absolutely amazed by the lampposts in Berlin. They were so built up from flyers and posters that they had physically grown! Some were absolutely huge, it was mental!

KW Institute for Contemporary Art 

We were keen to see some galleries whilst we were in Berlin. We decided to visit the KW gallery, which personally I wasn't that in to. I found the free galleries were much better, which made it a bit annoying that we paid to go in there. It was okay, I dunno, I just found the whole area ridiculously pretentious and the art was so out there I felt like we were looking around a fine art graduate show. There were elements which I liked, the site specific piece 'Suspension of Disbelief' by Elin Hansdottir encouraged you to look through glass at different angles to layer images, which was pretty cool. They also had cute little stick men and messages painted on the walls, which made looking around the space quite fun. Anyway, each to their own but this gallery wasn't my cup of tea. 

We walked around the corner to find somewhere to eat and ended up at Shiso burger. We had a lovely meal up until the waitress came over, practically threw my bag (and very expensive camera!) at me to squeeze another couple on the end of our table. The food was tasty but the atmosphere wasn't very relaxed or friendly. We were glad we had visited the gallery and travelled to a different area of Berlin... but this definitely wasn't a highlight. 

So that was our trip! I hope you found it useful if you are planning a visit to the city. My highlights were probably the zoo, Holocaust memorial and Museum Island but it is hard to choose! 

Next week I'll be back to posting regularly with my latest sewing projects. I'm back on it!

Much love,

Katie x

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