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DIY - Simple Mother's Day Felt Roses in a Bottle

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Let's start today's post with a little trivia shall we? Did you know, a few years after creating the holiday, the founder of Mother's Day Anna Jarvis tried to have it banned due to it becoming too commercialised?! At the heart of it, Mother's Day represents a beautiful message, say thanks to your mumma for all she's done for you...and for many of us, the things she's had to put up with over the years! But as with all of these holidays, I get why people would have an issue with the way it is exploited by companies. Anything to make you run out in a panic at the last minute to buy a card you haven't even read properly and a gift you've put little thought into. Well I say, let's do Anna proud and put some effort in this year! A handmade gift may take you a little longer but it will be so worth it... and I bet it'll last longer in your mum's house than a crappy card from Tesco!

Here's my little take on a bunch of flowers and personalised vase, only these ones are better as they don't have to be watered and will last longer than a week! :)

DIY Vase

I'm so smitten with this little vase that I think I'm going to make one for my flat too. In fact, there is so much you can do with a recycled beer bottle that I think I'm going to have to do a separate post on it. I actually had so many design ideas that I had to be rational with myself and not go too crazy on this one. I can envision this craft in my Mum's kitchen, so I wanted to keep with the scheme she's got going on. Her kitchen is quite neutral with a hint of pastel blue but is a true countryside kitchen. I used the gingham washi tape as I thought this encapsulates this theme, but I included a bit of sparkliness in the ribbon and stuffing to make it feel a bit special. Easy as that! This is lovely by itself or use it as a candle holder. Gorgeous!

DIY Felt Roses

I'm going to confess, before I used this technique, I had spent hours making another flower which frankly, looked crap. Then I tried this and honestly, within half an hour I had three stunning flowers. Oh well, you live and you learn.

This is super easy, so easy that I feel I might over complicate it when trying to explain! This technique is nothing new, you may know it already!

1. Start by drawing around something round, I used a lid of a jar.
2. Mark the point in the middle with a pen.
3. Cut into the circle, wiggle your scissors as you go to create a wiggly line, keep going round until you get to the dot in the middle.

4. Once you have cut the shape, you should be left with a long piece of wavey felt. Start from the outside edge and simply roll it back together tightly.
5. When it is all wound together, you should have something that resembles a rose! With the last piece of the felt, use your glue gun to secure it to the bottom and your finished!

The flowers themselves are so lovely they could be given just as they are! I took mine a step further and made a stem, which I stuffed slightly with toy filling and wire to give it some strength. I also made some tiny leaves which I glued to the back of the roses. They could be given as they are, with a ribbon around the steam and maybe a little label or card attached. Or you could glue a pin on the back and give them as a broach. So many options!

I will be giving mine to my Mum in the vase as I think they look lovely like that but feel free to experiment!

I'm incredibly lucky to have been surrounded by amazing women all my life, I know that's not the case for everyone. My mum is strong, brave and one of the kindest people to ever walk to planet. My granny was so wonderful and kindhearted, an absolute angel. Mum's really are superhuman. Have a lovely weekend with your loved ones, and much love to your mother's whoever they are or where ever they may be, in this world or the next. Girl power to all.

Much love,

Katie x
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