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DIY - 'Game of Thrones' Dragon Eggs

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Game of Thrones is my favourite program ever ever EVER. Honestly, I could spend hours on tumblr looking at quotes and pictures, I've watched every related Youtube video and I am literally counting down the days until season 5 starts. 26 DAYS PEOPLE.

Anyway... I decided to make something to keep me occupied in the mean time. I decided to make a polymer clay dragon eggs keyring. Honestly, I thought this was going to be dead easy, I thought of a few ways I could do it and thought it would look great. 3 attempts later...yeah it hadn't really gone to plan. So in the end, I went for a simple technique which was annoyingly time consuming. If your going to have a go with this one, make sure you pencil in a good few hours for the making! Still, I think they look pretty cool so I'm glad I persevered!

Step 1- Make Eggs From Scrap Clay 

The easy bit- make three small egg shapes from scrap clay. These won't be seen so don't waste nice clay for this. Insert an eye pin at this point, don't push in all the way so there is a little bit of space left. Then bake!

Step 2- Add Scales

This is where it gets a bit fiddly. I cut lots of tiny squares and began layering them onto the egg. Start from the bottom and then go round in a circular motion. I think it works most effectively when you layer them slightly over the previous row, the picture above was my first attempt, which is why it doesn't look as good. You live and you learn!

Step 3- Texture and Add Shading 

Texture the bottom of the egg with either a needle tool, tin foil or something that will make a textured pattern. I also added a variation of tones by shading with chalk pastels. A little tip I can give you is to use lighter clay than you want the finished colour to be because then you can shade and use the colour coming through as highlights. Then bake for the final time and it's nearly finished!

Once they were baked, I did a wash of watered down acrylic paint to just add a bit more colour until I was happy that they looked truly ancient and mystical.

Step 4- Add to Keychain

I decided to make mine into a keychain but you could easily make them into any piece of jewellery as well. I had a look on Youtube and found a few other tutorials for different ways of making these if your still struggling, so make sure you check on there. I particularly liked NerdECrafter's, which she made into a bracelet.

So, now I feel ready to take on the 7 kingdoms. Will have to think about what to make next... I saw someone had made a miniature throne out of clay, it looked amazing but I don't think I've quite developed the patience for a project like that yet!

Much love,

Katie x
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1 comment

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