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Regular Show- Pops Cushion

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I've had this post sitting in my drafts for a little while now and I couldn't decide whether to post it or not. The thing is, you're not always going to love every project you do and I know that. I'm a serious perfectionist, so when I decided I was going to make a Pops cushion for Jason's birthday and it didn't go exactly how I wanted...well, I was pretty annoyed. It's fine but it's not great. I think it shows that it was rushed, mainly because it was! I had to find random snippets of time when Jason was out or busy so that I could quickly get bits done, which was a bit of a nightmare. I also found the fabric really challenging to stitch on to, which only made matters worse.

Sorry, enough moaning now.

So, we are massive 'Regular Show' fans. All the characters are awesome and every episode has a wicked and completely mental storyline. Definitely worth a watch if you've not seen it before. I've not given up on it, I will attempt to make more bits from the show in the future but for now, Pops will do.

Much Love,

Katie x

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