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DIY- Birthday Decorations

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Last weekend was Jason's birthday and oh lord it was stressful! I decided to plan a surprise party, which of course is a lovely idea, but not when your the one planning it. Ha! Well, okay maybe some people would enjoy the process but for me I just worried CONSTANTLY that I would mess it up and it would be a total failure. However, it was wonderful! I told Jason that I hoped he enjoyed it as I will never be doing it again! ;)

Anyway, I really wanted to make some lovely handmade decorations for the party but they had to be really quick and easy to make as I was short on time. So, I took to Pinterest for some inspiration. I found some incredibly cute paper crafts, which is what I based my ideas on. 

[side note- if you want to check out my Pinterest, I made a board called 'Birthday Ideas'. You'll be able to see where the ideas came from and some other bits that I really liked but didn't have time to do.]

These adorable paper balloons took literally 10 minutes to make. I know they look really simple and that's probably because they are! I cut out the rough balloon shape on different colour paper, drew the shape in a black fine liner and then sellotaped a cocktail stick to the back. Easy as that! I put these in the party food and the birthday cake. 

My other table decoration was this bunting in two recycled bottles I had from Christmas. The bottles were a gift from Jason's family, they contained our tickets to Berlin (such an amazing present!) but the way they were packaged was so lovely I wanted to reuse them . 'Message in einen bottle'- adorable. Anyway, I decided to make this mini bunting. This little project is also great to do with kids; I got Jason's four year old niece to help me put it together. All you need is a piece of string, some coloured paper and a pritt stick.

I cut out diamond shapes, drew on a variation of patterns and simply folded in half. I placed them over the string, blobbed on some glue and that's it! Pretty :) I also made an extended version of this to hang over our book case. It's a really versatile idea, you could put it anywhere to add a party vibe!

Don't handmade cards just feel so much more special? I feel like they make the card just as important as the presents, instead of becoming something you just throw away the week after. The card I made Jason was a bit silly, quite a simple concept but I think it looks pretty awesome. All you need to do to make your own burger card is have a variation of colours and a little bit of patience. I made the bun first as then I could see how the other bits would fit inside. The candles I added at the end and used white paper to make the stripes. And that is about as complicated as it gets.

Let me know if you try any of these bits. Remember to check out my Pinterest board if you've got a birthday coming up and you need more ideas. New tutorials next week as no more sneaking around! Horah! 

Much love,

Katie x


DIY- Mini Terrarium

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I take no credit for this DIY whatsoever. My boyfriend Jason has been going on about making one of these for AGES. I always thought it was pretty cool but the planning and research for this one- it was completely him.

So disclaimer out the way, on new years day we decided to make one together. He had looked up the bits we need and as it turned out, we had most of the elements already. This is what completely sold me on the terrarium, we literally gathered everything we needed from our flat or outside. Super easy, super fun and super cheap!


For your own mini terrarium you will need:

  • A jar (we recycled an old candle)
  • pebbles/stones (we used the type you buy for a fish tank)
  • charcoal (we used a charcoal piece from my art supplies)
  • felt or dried moss
  • soil
  • moss
  • small plants or flowers (we used off cuts from a cactus plant)
  • anything to decorate! (polymer clay is great for this)
See! Everything you need is completely obtainable. I loved re-using old candle jars for this, it always feels like such a waste to get rid of the containers once the candle has burnt out. I dunno, maybe I'm just a hoarder... 

Quick side note- We made a video demonstration if you want to watch us put our terrarium together. You can watch on Youtube here:


So, you simply start by laying your foundation of stones. After this, on goes the charcoal. We raided my art supplies for this...and to be honest, we have no clue if it's going to work. However, you need the charcoal to help keep away bacteria and bad smells. Erm... literally no idea if we've done this step right but I guess we will see! [side note: buy activated charcoal if you're not risk takers like us] 


Again, another thing we slightly tweaked. When we researched most people suggested a layer of dry moss, however, we did find a few which used cloth. This is to do with the filtration; we got creative and used felt as it seemed to fit the criteria and we reckon it will do the same job.


Okay, so now on to the considerably easier part, chuck on a layer of soil!


You got it- layer on some glorious green moss.

Polymer clay.

As much as I like doing the green fingers bits, this is obviously much more my thing. I love polymer clay. I made loads of wicked bits of jewellery over Christmas and will definitely be doing more in the future, so look out for those posts. However, this project was very much a joint thing, so Jason had a go at using polymer clay for this first time and made an adorable Gunther! Awwhh! I made some mushrooms, which annoyingly I over cooked (our oven is crap) but I painted them anyway so everything turned out fine in the end. 

About three days before making our terrarium, we made some off cuts from our cactus (you have to let the cut dry out before you replant). We popped them in and are hoping they will be able to thrive in their new home. 

So that's it! We are really happy with our little terrarium and for our first attempt, we think it's pretty cute. We are definitely going to make a bigger one in the future. 

I've really hoping we get some new life in there, I'll do an update post in a couple of weeks to see what happens. Here's hoping for a flower!

Thanks for reading lovelies.

Much love,

Katie x

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