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Felt Christmas Crafts

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 Christmas Crafting

I love making Christmas decorations, it's a huge part of what Christmas is about, right? A time to get creative, make gifts for loved ones as well as for your own home. It's my second Christmas in mine and my boyfriend's flat and I take so much pride in making it sparkle and feel super Christmassy! FAIRY LIGHTS MUST BE EVERYWHERE!

It has been a crazy month. I don't feel like there has been many hours that I've been awake in December and have not been sewing. It has completely taken over my life. However, as stressful as it has been has, it has been brilliant. I've been so productive! I couldn't tell you how many felt Christmas puddings I've made... Well actually I could if I look in my order book but you know what I'm getting at.

I've honestly felt all bubbly and excited to think people have liked my dingle-dangles enough to buy them and put them on their tree. It has made the intensive hours of working totally worth it.

Now with just a few days to Christmas, things have slowed down and my front room is no longer looking like a unorganised sweat shop. I've put down my needles and picked up the chocolate instead.

I've really enjoyed the buzz of my little craft business around Christmas, I've held craft parties for friends and family, sold bits at work and now at craft fares. It's made me really inspired and kicked me into gear for the year ahead. But for now, I'm sure there's a crappy Christmas film on tv I should be watching... Anyone care for a Twiglet?

Happy Christmas! :)

Much love,

Katie x

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