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10 Life Lessons Learned From 2014

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It's that time of year again. That wonderful time when we can wipe the slate clean and start a fresh. This WILL be the year I become a millionaire! This will be the year I drop 4 stone in the first month! Errmm... not quite. 

As I've got older, I've tried to make my new years resolutions more realistic. Whatever I come up with, big or small, there is always a list. A huge list of things I want to change about myself. Well, I've been thinking over the past few weeks about how healthy that attitude actually is... One of my best friends said to me the other day, when people make you feel bad about who you are, you just have to tell yourself you are fabulous and move on. And then take a selfie. Maybe it is just this simple? A bit of self belief and self love is the only attitude change which is really worth working on?

Well, I was thinking the other night about how our experiences make us more resilient and perhaps, in the wise words of Kelly Clarkson, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". And with that, I thought instead of moaning about the things I want to change about my (not so) miserable life in January, I would remind myself of the things I have changed in 2014. The things I've learnt from which perhaps at the time, I didn't think were such a positive thing. Okay, some I'm still working on but have definitely been in situations when I know it's the answer. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of the shit we've over come already. 'Cos after all, it's never really as bad as it seems, is it? This time next year, will you even remember that it happened?

10 Reflections on What I've Learned This Year:

1. Do something creative everyday. Not only does this generally make you feel good, the more you practice, the more you improve. 

2.Don't read too much into what people say. Remind yourself you are fabulous and move on.

3. Not everyone is going to like you in life, but that is okay.

4. Seeing a friend when you feel fed up and sad is always the answer.

5. Take headphones everywhere, you never know when you'll have to walk home. 

6. Your skin will always thank you for eating more fruit and veg and less pizza. 

7. When you can't be bothered to exercise, remind yourself how you always feel after you've completed it. 

8. Setting small, realistic goals helps you get shit done. 2 stone sounds scary, 7lbs in 6 weeks sounds easy as pie. 

9. Procrastination gets you nowhere. Don't waste time thinking about what you would like to do, use your time more productively and make it happen!

10. Be ambitious and be brave. When you feel small and self conscious, remind yourself of all the things you pushed yourself to do which you would have never done in the past. Being brave leads to great things.

Have a lovely new year everyone.

Much love,

Katie x
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