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Bioshock- Big Daddy Plushie

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I've wanted to make a 'Big Daddy' for quite a while now. I knew it would be quite a fiddly one to make so honestly, I was putting it off. Anyway, I love Bioshock. When I like a game, I get really into it. I think my all time favourite gaming series is 'Borderlands' but Bioshock is right up there too.

What I think Bioshock does so well is get a great balance between horror and beauty. Bioshock 2 is really creepy, the scenes are dark and with Splicers jumping out at you every few minutes, you are always on edge. However, this is married with a storyline about protection, love and hope. In fact, all of the Bioshock series have these compelling story lines which makes you get right behind the characters and want to see the baddies get their comeuppance.

So, with this in mind, I'm a big fan of Big Daddies. Scattered on the ground (towards the end of the game maybe?) you can find little Big Daddy toys. Often that have been stabbed but still, instantly my thoughts were I NEED TO MAKE ONE! There is also one at the end of the game which Eleanor lets go of, very symbolic. The two look different so I had to decide which one to make.

I decided on the blue one because at the time I thought he was cuter. I actually don't know now, maybe because I spent so long looking at it now I'm doubting myself. Maybe I will eventually make the other one too. Anyway, once I drew him out and worked out how I was going to construct him, it wasn't as problematic as I anticipated. It was just time consuming and as I said earlier, fiddly.

I am very pleased with him. Although, an obvious problem is that only Bioshock fans will appreciate him. One of my friends actually asked me if he was a turtle..yeh it's lost on others. So take a look at the photos and let me know what you think!

I might do the Songbird next from 'Bioshock Infinite' but I can't decide. I do have some ideas so I just need to get busy.

I've done an up-cycling project on some chairs (okay, I know that sounds boring) but I'm really pleased with how it turned out..I just need some good photos and then I'll put that up. So anyway, lots in the pipeline.

Which is your favourite game of the Bioshock series? Have you made any of the characters, or if you were going to, who would you pick?

Much love,

Katie x

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