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Watercolour- Bright Hair Ladies

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The pictures are sadly not great, however, I wanted to get a post up on some drawings I have done lately. 

 I have recently been embarking on some freelance illustration work so I wanted to get clued up on some techniques and mediums I didn't feel that confident with. 

Watercolour pencils may be my new favourite thing-ever. 

 I found some pretty ladies on Pinterest to use as my muse, who for a strange coincidence both hair blue/purple hair. Maybe it is an inner longing to dye my hair WHO KNOWS. Anyway, I have always been a bog-standard pencil sketcher (mainly to put together compositions for paintings) so I rummaged through my endless pots of pencils-pulled out the fine liners and got going.

 Here's the process: 

Picture 1.

 I first sketched in pencil then went over in a fine liner.. 

 Then I added colour with the watercolour pencils.. 

 Finally, I blended the colour with water and a paint brush and TA DA! Oh actually, I also shaded some areas with a promarker- which are also lovely to use.

Picture 2.


Nearly there..

All done. 

I should mention, the colour does look a bit on the orange side due to not having the best camera. 

I am actually really pleased with how these turned out so it is a technique I will carry on working with. I will also work on trying to perfect the lighting to make them look a little less Essex a little more English rose.

Let me know what you think! Have you worked with watercolour before? Any mediums to recommend?

Much love,

Katie x

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