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Adventure Time- Peppermint Butler

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Okay, so I know I made him ages ago but as I have a blog now (that I haven't deleted on going problem- i'm hoping this one will stick) I still felt he deserved a post.

Last Christmas I decided to make Jason one of his favourite characters from 'Adventure Time', Peppermint Butler. He is super cute and I thought he would be relatively simple to make. 

The problem with living with someone your hand-making a gift for is that you rarely get an opportunity to actually do it. So, there I was, 11pm on Christmas eve hiding in the bedroom frantically sewing on limbs like a crazy person. I look at him now and can see mistakes left, right and centre but hey ho, he carries lovely memories. 

Jason loved him. And he is very cute, isn't he?

I love his little bow!

Here is Jason on Christmas morning when he first met Pepper (taken from my instagram) awhhh! Flat complete with paper snowflakes and everything!

Who is your favourite Adventure Time character? I think I might have to make another member of the cast soon!

Much Love

Katie x

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