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Hair Bows

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Part of me will always love dressing like a child. My boyfriend often compares my dress sense to a confused 15 year old emo. Anyway, I have no idea about fashion. I've always been a bit shit at it. I just wear things I like or that I don't think make me look as fat. I would like to start making clothes but I am a bit nervous about it.. so my way in shall be accessories. 

I watched a few tutorials on youtube to get the basic idea of how to construct a bow (Annika Victoria, smarmyclothes were particularly useful) then from there I kind of just made it up and tried a few different things. 

They are really pretty. The smaller one is easier to wear but it's nice to have options.

I made the yellow bow by sewing two different fabrics together to get the pattern contrast.

I sewed a hair grip into the back of each bow so they can slide into hair.

Not a bad use for off cuts of fabric!

In other news, I've spent this week mainly making cushion covers and up-cycling chairs so that will probably be up in the next few days.

Much love

Katie x

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