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Ombre Felt Heart Garland

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As a little follow on from Peppermint Butler's post, I also made an ombre heart garland to hang from the shelf he chills on.

I went through a phase a few months back where I began to panic due to the lack of colour scheme in my front room. Basically, I think I had spent too much time reading Kirsty Allsopp books and looking on home decor threads on Pinterest. However, my panicked reaction was I needed to find a colour that would tie everything together.

So off I went, I bought a new rug with the faint outline of orange flowers and decided some orange fake flowers, candles and some new cushions for the sofa would do the trick. It didn't work. Firstly, orange cushions seemed impossible to find ANYWHERE so I had to pick a variation including some shades of yellow. Meh, they would do. The problem was, it still didn't feel like much of a 'theme'. I've never really been one to worry about what goes with what in my interiors- but this was becoming an obsession.

I knew what I needed- a new felt dingle-dangle!

To tie in with the fact I had no longer just orange in mind but now 'warm tones' (see how I got around that one?) I decided to make my garland ombre from orange to yellow. This was such a simple make and I personally think it looks lovely. I hand stitched a very basic running stitch around my heart shapes, catching in a piece of string across everyone as I sewed to create the bunting/garland..thing. They are all stuffed with toy stuffing, which is super cheap to pick up from any haberdashery.

The shelf is currently cluttered with the overspill of books from our bookshelf and some PS3 games. And obviously some of my many cats from my 'cat collection', this isn't weird, no?

Simple yet effective!

 How else could I get the colour theme in my lounge? Curtains? Other craft ideas? Let me know! Maybe I need some new inspiration for a home decor project..

Also, do you lot like my life-size cat? He's not real or stuffed don't worry! We got him from a shop display window- you donate to their charity and you get a piece of their display. Clearly I needed him in my life. He's one cool dude. He also provides a great place to put your sunglasses!

Much love,

Katie x

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