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Steve- The Birthday Unicorn

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When I asked my dear friend Sarah what she wanted for her 24th birthday, she replied by saying all she wanted this year was hair scrunchies and a unicorn. This, I thought, I could do.  So, off I went to make a felt dingle-dangle with a magical twist.

It actually took me bloody ages to decide what colours to use. The great thing about unicorns is there is no right or wrong way that they should look; I think this delayed me due to the fact I could have gone with a number of different colour combinations. I suppose starting a project is always the hardest part. 

I sketched an image of how I wanted it to look. I pulled inspiration from 'My Little Pony' and of course Lady Rainicorn from 'Adventure Time' (my favourite). From here, I photocopied the image so that I could cut up the pieces to create templates for the felt. Many hours and a lot of sewing later, he was finished! I added some bits to make him more special such as a bow,beads and sequins. The final touch was a personalised 'S' for Sarah, simple but really lovely. 

I was so excited to give him to Sarah, along with the scrunchies of course! She absolutely loved him and seemed pretty chuffed I had remembered her birthday wish list. Result! 

She named him Steve.

He certainly had an eventful night, there seemed to be many photoshoots taking place..with him eating different varieties of nuts and even some bombay mix. What a party animal! (get it?!)

Katie x

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